Prim, proper, perfect, pained

I am truly liking buttoned-up, extremely prim, demure-to-the-point-of-invisibility gowns lately. I’m quite sure it’s since it’s fall. autumn always makes me believe of library dresses; gowns that just want to be left alone with a book. spring is for windy-day daffodil dresses, as well as summertime for picnic dresses, as well as winter season for soft, heavy, trailing gowns that cover your feet as you sit by the fire, however autumn is for book-dresses.

So I such as this one (which is only $6.99 from StellaBlue on eBay, as well as B33). even if it looks as if the bad lady modeling it has just seen her one true like impaled by a piece of rebar, as well as is deploring the mess it made. I don’t understand why she doesn’t look happy, in a gown like that, however she doesn’t. The one on the best likewise looks as if she’s difficult you to a quick-draw contest, however sadly she left her holster at home.

If I made this it would be in gray with black piping as well as buttons. Or perhaps a good deep maroon. however it’s not my size, so I’m not making it. however you might …

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