Tshirt-Factory vector art for Stooge apparel

“To be different is the privilege of the few” is the phrase that best defines the Stooge brand from Brazil.  They created a line that is fit for those who want to stick out and be unique. The clothing line they are currently using is full of punk rock influences that we very much enjoy. What was really unusual for us was to realize that we assisted build up their apparel collection. Yes, you heard that ideal – We took a excursion of their lookbook and we found Tshirt-Factory tattoo-style vectors used as t-shirt prints. We couldn’t be a lot more pleased of how they managed to incorporate our style in their line but we are thankful they liked our stuff and we thank them for choosing the designs.
The clothing line includes t-shirts, jeans, scarves, cardigans, vests, polos, jackets and lots of accessories. have a look and if you find any problem with the language just go to their Facebook page and see all of their collections.
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