New Instagram logo – Yay or Nay?

reactions to the new Instagram Logo
All the tension, aggression as well as indignation has died down so we can rationally talk about what occurred to the Instagram logo as well as all other icons for the company’s apps. In short, people were not that pleased about the redesign, while some believed that it doesn’t even matter. I checked out numerous comments from individuals that refused to update in purchase to keep their old logo on their mobile devices.
It seems that all the vibrant gradients made the final result seem rushed, amateurish or old school.
But is whatever that simple?
Let’s see why people hated it:
– it seems like the designers utilized practically the entire color combination
– flat style is in pattern however not always suitable
– the terrible gradient is everywhere
– it has no distinct character
– the old rainbow was characteristic as well as the new bright colors try to include the diversity of the community’s interests, however the new version is not similar to the old rainbow in any type of way
–the final result looks generic, similar to other picture apps

So, the previous retro-looking camera, extremely recognizable among other tech logos out there, was replaced by a background swirl of sunset colors (orange, yellow, pink, purple) as well as a white outline of a camera. As one put it: “As if the video camera was murdered, as well as chalk was drawn around its body. Murdered at sundown”.
Others state that certainly the logo was dated as well as it was in dire requirement to simplify the lines, provide up the numerous details as well as structures it featured. It was only a matter of time before it provided up the much-loved icon, since we mainly utilize the app on mobile gadgets as well as all those lovely details get lost anyway.
And, just like all extremely high profile changes, there were lots of designer jokes floating around, as well as this was among my favorites:

We might all agree on the requirement for an upgrade however even advocates of the new style are not sure it will stand the test of time. right here is what they state makes this logo a great move:
– it provided up the icon’s skeuomorphic style to step into a new era, by simplifying it
– we can still recognise the fundamental instagram lens in a simplified white outline
– the logo is vibrant as well as vibrant, instead of the dull, old one
– color has always been a essential part of Instagram’s charm – believe filters-, as well as the new chromatic scale is a reflection of that energy
– The new style is much more simple as well as cleaner
In addition, the individual interface has likewise modifications to much more simple lines, with a white general background, focusing your interest on the photos or videos themselves. This seems to be everyone’s cup of tea though, so no arguing about that.
It may be that the rejection of the logo icons comes from the truth that the app is obsessively utilized by everybody which leads to a familiarity you cannot let go of that easily. as well as this occurs for all things we utilize so much, every day. perhaps the modification is not a catastrophe however just a matter of getting utilized to it. since we will certainly not provide up utilizing it just since you are bothered by the bright gradients, right?
You can now response this rather rhetorical concern because it has been a month because the change. If you dislike the redesign, did you stop utilizing the app or even decrease the time spent on it?
My assumption is no.
Here is the promotion video showing the process behind the redesign:

And right here is what the public saw:
Video Player


So, what do you think? Yay or nay for the new logo as well as exactly how do modifications like these impact big, recognized (tech) brands such as Instagram?

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