Dresses in Literature, special Mother’s Day edition

So without stopping to select my way, in the sure as well as specific understanding that it will discover itself–or if not it will not matter–I begin: the very first memory.

This was of red as well as purple flowers on a black ground–my mother’s dress: as well as she was sitting either in a train or in an omnibus, as well as I was on her lap. I as a result saw the flowers she was using extremely close; as well as can still see purple as well as red as well as blue, I think, against the black; they need to have been anemones, I suppose. maybe we were going to St Ives; a lot more probably, for from the slant of the light it need to have been evening, we were coming back to London. however it is a lot more practical creatively that we were going to St Ives, for that will cause my other memory, which likewise seems to be my very first memory.

From “A Sketch of the Past”, by Virginia Woolf. In The Virginia Woolf Reader.

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