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another Erin (aka knittergirl.etsy.com) sent me this image, of a pattern she purchased recently. Isn’t this just too glorious?

When I find this in my size, this will form the basis for my steampunk/yesterday’s-tomorrows spaceship captainatrix costume. I’ll make it in two-tone gray with a red tie, and pair it with a jaunty hat and white gloves (with gauntlets). My all-female crew and I will pilot our space dirigible, the Jean Batten, calmly and effortlessly on the trans-Venusian run, with resupply stops at Moonbase Delta.

And when the Jovians finally go beyond just saber-rattling and actually make a military play for control of the asteroid belt, it’ll be me and my gals who will, armed with very, very shiny ray guns, force them back into their atmosphere.

But first, of course, I have to find this in my size …

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