I just don’t understand who I am anymore

To wit: I am hungrily awaiting the arrival of this fabric:

That, my friends, is metallic silver seersucker. It’s extremely subtle, however it is absolutely metallic. I likewise gotten some light-gray seersucker, which was likewise referred to as having a metallic silver thread:

and I’m eyeing this dark-gray version, too:

And this is in spite of my long-held conviction that metallic materials ARE not for DAY. This viewpoint may mark me as the oldest living citizen of Getoffamylawnville, however I believe that metallic materials in the daytime are tacky. (There — I stated it. other things I believe are tacky: visible dark bras under white tops; high heels with shorts; gigantic designer logos … the listing goes on.)

Now, just since I believe some things are tacky doesn’t indicate I don’t like them to death … on other people. In fact, I must most likely replace the word “tacky” with “not for me.” If you rock out in your short shorts with high-rise building heels as well as a black bra under your white tee, bring a bag with big initials on it that aren’t yours, I will most likely state “Damn, she truly has that look.” (Which I may or may not comply with up with “Bless her heart.”) however it’s not a look I believe I can own.

But perhaps this material is a method for me to um, rent-to-own metallics in the daytime? I have absolutely no concept what I will make with this material (other than one more 9929, say thanks to you). Or where I would wear it. It’s not appropriate for a guest-at-a-wedding gown (too white); seersucker is as well laid-back for a lot of evening events (and I don’t go to lots of elegant evening parties). The only location where I believe this may be proper is a restaurant with an outside patio, for a late-night summertime dinner. With a silver lurex cardigan (or a white silk one) as well as flat silver sandals. Which is very SPECIFIC, for gown planning, isn’t it?

The white-and-silver version would likewise look great in this dress (which I did ultimately discover in my size), as well as would be perfect for a 1970s summertime disco party. Which I’m invited to all the time, aren’t you?

Where do you autumn on the burning concern of metallics in the daytime? What must I make with this fabric, whenever it shows up?

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