McCardell. With bows on.

Now, y’all know just how much I like Claire McCardell, but even if I didn’t already worship her, this dress would have made me an acolyte, even if being stated acolyte involved using unflattering white robes and holding stinky candles with hours of chanting.

It’s tough to make bows seem sophisticated (of course, it assists to do them in black — this dress in pink might cause tooth decay) but these are without even a whiff of the sub-deb set.

I’m also impressed by the shirring of the carry seam. So luxurious! It’s from Dorothea’s wardrobe vintage and is rayon faille, near-mint, B36 (and fairly expensive at $625, but for McCardell, if you were looking to splurge, this would be the very best combination of whimsy and wearability that you could find).

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