January: good Day for a White wedding event

Do you understand what has always been one of my pet peeves? Brides who get married in the dead of winter season in strapless or spaghetti-strap gowns. I know, I know, it’s YOUR DAY, as well as you can do whatever you want, however is “whatever you want” to go around with goosebumps in all your photos as well as a honeymoon with a brand-new head cold? (And no, a serape doesn’t truly work.) I always believe “Oh, she looks so lovely … as well as she’d look even much better if she wasn’t shivering …”

Enter a gown like this, which is so beautiful I practically want Mr. gown A Day as well as I to renew our vows so I might get away with making (and wearing) it. (Although it’s a bit ostentatious for a vow-renewal …)

I’d make it in peau de soie, perhaps with bit white velvet buttons (or, ooh, ooh, white velvet *piping* as well as midriff band).

If you’re getting married in early 2008, you most likely have lots of time to make this or have this made (I’d wait up until the weather condition cools off a bit before dealing with velvet, however that’s just me, still in Taipei, where it’s 90F as well as even believing about velvet leads to heatstroke).

The special bonus offer you January brides will get for choosing a gown like this, as well as not something strap- or sleeveless? You won’t have to spend every minute of the next five months doing (or believing you ought to be doing) triceps dips.

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