Loafer Update!

long time readers of this blog will know that I am obsessed with penny loafers.

And considering that coming out as someone who is loafer-obsessed, I have met lots of other people who have a similar … enthusiasm. So I thought I’d share links to two styles I’ve found recently that, although not as great as my favorite (and no-longer-made) by means of Spigas, are pretty damn good.

First, Macy’s has these, from Marc Fisher (which I think is one of their house brands, however I’m not sure):

Today they are $39! (They were >$70). click on the image to visit the Macy’s page. I gotten a pair of these as well as they are comfortable, definitely.

Okay, these next ones are man-made materials (aka vegan). lots of of you have asked if I knew of non-leather alternatives, as well as now I do! Plus, they’re dirt-cheap: $29.99 at Overstock.com. (click image to visit site)

What I really want are these, from Marc Jacobs:

The worst part is that I already have them — I found a pair on eBay that weren’t anywhere NEAR $260, as well as gotten them. as well as found that they were the wrong size. (The seller translated a European 38 as “8.5” which it is NOT.) I relisted them on eBay, if you want them.

Of course, even though I wear penny loafers EVERY DAY, I don’t really need any type of a lot more pairs. Why don’t I? since THIS is my penny loafer collection:

(And yes, that is a pair of liberty Jack Purcells on the edge there.)

Does anybody else wear a minor variation of the same damn shoe every day? (Anyone else who presents as female, I mean, I know a lot of people essentially wear the same shoe every day.) represent in the comments!

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